Our lessons


Our multi-day beginner progressive surfing lessons are for everyone. We teach paddling, standing up, dropping into waves and riding across them. You can expect to stand up and ride your first wave in the first day.
The longer you stay the more you learn, with the intention of teaching all the skills necessary to surf forever !

  • Learn to surf waves not just stand up !
  • Learn ocean knowledge and wave selection
  •  High performance coaching techniques adapted for the beginner
  •  Learn how to surf fast !
  • Catch unbroken waves & take the drop !
  • The safest & easiest waves to learn on in MOROCCO
  •  Surf left and right breaking waves
  • Learn Surfing Etiquette ! Essential for all new surfers
  • Learn how to identify the best waves, rips and current
  •  Learn board design. Know what board is right for you
  •  Fully qualified coaches
  •  Safety 1st Policy – all staff surf rescue trained